IOTForce is the framework that allows you to integrate Salesforce with IoT implementations.

General schematics

The framework is based on the latest technologies in IoT like MQTT, ESP32, ESP-NOW, LoRA-Wan, REST, Blynk, and Arduino.

On top of all, Salesforce is the orchestrator for our solutions. Although we can also adapt it to your custom CRM platform.

There are a lot of exciting features, like:

  • Elastic scalability is based on the growing demand.
  • Low power consumption based on the most popular IoT chips like ESP-32, ESP-8266, or Arduino chipsets.
  • The complete integration into Salesforce allows complete monitoring and reporting.
  • Mobile integration to have a quick view of the general status.
  • It’s possible to integrate into your custom platforms like WordPress.
  • A complete open-source library.

We also offer:

  • Expertise in planning the Salesforce integration into IoTForce.
  • Analysis and Design of the IoT needs.
  • Assessment for the impact in the solution defined.